BWWGA 2015 Annual Report -

November 8, 2015


Chair and Tournament Chair: Caroline Kahn (until October 21)

                                               Danielle Lucca (from October 21 onwards)

Vice Chair and Secretary: Danielle Lucca

Treasurer: Candy Herlihy

Handicap Chair: Kate Mathison

Publicity and New Members Coordinator: Katharine Pan and Roberta Grupe


Birdies: Candy Herlihy

Photographer: Yong-Soo Koh

Decoration: Carmen Oelsner

Handbook: Felicity Gillette

Activities and Deliverables


The BWWGA website was launched in March of 2015. Many thanks to Candy Herlihy for building it and managing its updates throughout the year along with Caroline’s assistance. Many thanks also to Yong-Soo Koh for taking wonderful pictures of our various events.


The Committee published the yearly directory for the membership. We mention this as it is a time consuming task: from data collection and editing to printing. We plan to continue to publish it as it seems to be a helpful and popular tool. Thank you to Felicity for doing the desk topping and Roberta for dealing with the printer.


This year, we continued to focus on developing activities for our high handicap/no HCP players. This group represents approximately 70% of our membership.

  • Come and Play Mondays. Organized twice a month. Due to low attendance it was discontinued in July.
  • Mentoring Mondays. Organized twice a month. Due to low attendance it was discontinued in July.
  • Boot Camp and Boot Camp Reunion: held April 28 to May 1(9 ladies attended) and June 19. A second camp was planned for end of summer/fall but was cancelled due to lack of attendance. We plan to have a session next Spring as the feedback was very positive.
  • Golf Etiquette Briefing Coffee: June 2 (6 participants)
  • Snow Sweeper: Cancelled due to bad weather - we are planning to cancel it in the future given the weather conditions at that time of the year
  • Spring Opener: April 2 (10 participants)
  • Nine and Wine: May 9 - this was a new activity we held on a Saturday - planning to hold more next year as feedback was positive
  • Rally for the Cure: Saturday, June 6. This was the 20th Anniversary of supporting breast cancer awareness. BWWGA raised $943 (of which $381 was raised by Caroline during the BW Williamsburg trip). Many thanks to Roberta Grupe who organized the 2015 event on behalf of the BWWGA.
  • Women Member-Guest: Sept 17 with 56 participants - It was a huge success in terms of participation and earnings. We hope even more of you will participate in the 2016 event.
  • WDCGA/MPG Challenge: Sept 27. MPG defeated the BWWGA team with a score of 27 1/2 to 26 1/2. Congratulations to the MPG team (Captain Youky Kwon and team mates Felicity Gillette, Camie Lee, Karla Schillhorn, Christine Ebrahimzadeh and Maria Rey) and thank you Carmen Oelsner for sponsoring the event.
  • Halloween Mixer: October 29 Scramble and lunch – (15 participants)
  • In addition, the BWWGA Committee would like to recognize the MPG and District Teams who represented Bretton Woods at the various matches during the spring of 2015 and thank Caroline Kahn, Kouky Kwon and Cynthia Walden our captains for shepherding the players. Congratulations to the Bretton Woods MPG Division 1 team who won the MPG Division 1 team Championship and congratulations to the Bretton Woods District Team for placing 4th out of 7 with only a 0.5 point from coming in third.

­Recurring Activities:

  • Monthly Stableford: 7 events (29 ladies for a total of 75 ladies participants)
  • Clinics: 4 clinics (Lag putting; Chipping and Pitching; Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Uneven Lies; and Hitting Solid Irons) - 19 ladies for a total of 31 participants
  • Play with the Pros: 5 events (17 ladies for a total of 35 participants)
  • Scramble: 6 events (2 cancelled because 4 players or less signed up)

Nomination of 2016 BWWGA Committee Members

Caroline Kahn stepped down as Chairman and member of the committee as she relocated to France in August.

Danielle Lucca agreed to be Chair of the 2016 Committee. She will serve for one year since her 3 year term will be up in November 2016.

Katharine Pan is leaving the committee after 3 years of service. Thank you Katharine for your valuable contribution over the past three years

New Committee members: Christine Ebrahimzadeh and Laura Chen have accepted to join the Committee.

Hence, the 2016 Committee will consist of: Danielle Lucca, Candy Herlihy. Kate Mathison, Roberta Grupe, Christine Ebrahimzadeh, and Laura Chen.

Financial Report

Candy Herlihy to present

BWWGA Awards

Stableford Champion (best of 5 Stablefords): Christine Ebrahimzadeh with 162 points

Most Improved Players

Canada Cup (20 and above HCP): Gloria Mante

BWWGA Trophy (under 20 HCP): Jing Ping Yang

Low Gross: Kathy Hudson -74 Sr Champ

Low Net: Reiko Kanda – 66 Stroke Play Champ

Birdies: Below 22: Ying Ping Yang – 16 birdies

22 and above: Lesley Simmons – 5 birdies

Hole-in-One: Lesley Simmons and Joan Gough

Appreciation and Recognition

Many thanks to our golf professionals, Jim Napier, Jason Hill, Chris Convey and Tyler Schmutz for their support during the year, be it in organizing our tournaments, holding our clinics and boot camp and more generally being available for us year round. Thank you to Joe Villegas for maintaining our beautiful course and thank you to Ed and Nick and their respective staff for the marvelous meals of our special events.

Many thanks to all of our volunteers who helped during the Member-Guest event and also Felicity who helped with our 2015 Handbook, Yong Soo who took wonderful pictures of our events all year long, and Carmen who was our “master” decorator and floral arranger.

And finally, many thanks to all of you for attending our Annual Meeting.