BWWGA Annual Awards Descriptions


The end-of-season award will be based on the total of the players' best 5 scores. Winner will receive a gift certificate for $50.


BWWGA recognizes two players, a higher and a lower handicapper, who during the season have made the most improvement in their game. To be eligible players must simply start the season with a USGA handicap and enter at least 15 scores during the season.

The USGA formula will be used to determine the award winners. The maximum beginning USGA 18-hole handicap index is 40.4.

The March 15 handicap index will be used as the starting handicap and the October 31 handicap index will be used as the ending handicap.

The most improved golfer is determined as follows: Add twelve to the players starting handicap index (Value A). Add twelve to the player’s ending handicap index (Value B). Divide Value A by Value B, calculate to three decimal points. This value is the highest improvement factor. The player with the highest improvement factor is the most improved player.

The BWWGA Trophy is awarded to the most improved player with an ending handicap of under 20.

The Canada Cup is awarded to the most improved player with an ending handicap of 20 and above.

Winners’ names will be engraved on their trophy.


Winners are the players who have posted the lowest gross and the lowest net scores for an 18-hole tournament round off the red or gold tees at Bretton Woods during the season. The winners’ names will be engraved on the respective plaques. Every hole must have been holed out. Note: score cards no longer need to be placed in the locker room box. The Pro Shop will track the information from the posted qualified tournament scores in the computer system.


A birdie is one stroke under par for a hole. Only natural birdies or better scored during a 9- or 18-hole round played at Bretton Woods between March 15 and October 15 are eligible. Each score should be recorded on a dated and signed birdie slip, attested by a playing partner and placed in the Birdie box in the Locker room. During the season each player’s birdies or better (an eagle equals two birdies) will be posted under the "Birdies" tab of this Website. Awards are given to the members with the most birdies at the end of the season in two handicap categories: below 22 and 22 and above.


Any member who is skilled or lucky enough to score that elusive Hole-in-One during the official season will receive a Bretton Woods flag from the Pro Shop. To be eligible for this prize, the hole-in-one card must be signed by a witness.