2016 BWWGA Chip, Putt and Hit Boot Camp

Seven recruits participated in the 2016 BWWGA Boot Camp on April 19-22 during a week of glorious spring weather. Participants felt it was a time well-spent and also was a lot of fun. The Bretton Woods Golf Professionals, aka “Drill Instructors,” did an amazing job delivering the instructional program, which included lots of challenging drills and fun games for mastering chipping, pitching, putting and full strokes. A highlight of the program was the "before and after" video taping sessions of each participant, comparing their full swing to that of a major pro player and highlighting the areas for needed improvements. A reunion match will be scheduled in coming weeks to put the new skills to the test out on the course.

Boot Camp - April 28 to May 1, 2015

Nine recruits participated in the "Chip Putt and Hit" Boot Camp that was run by the BW professionals from April 28 to May 1. All participants enjoyed the intensive training in the morning and the sessions on the course in the afternoon. What a way to get your swing in tip top shape at the beginning of the season and to build up camaraderie! We hope to offer another boot camp later in Fall.

Check out this link on YouTube: 

Boot Camp Reunion - June 19, 2015

On June 19, the participants of the April Boot Camp were invited by the pros to a "reunion" match.

Participants had a wonderful time and expressed their sincere gratitude for this opportunity to gain playing experience and to bring busy friends back together.

The game was a modified scramble where a shot from each player had to be used on every hole. There were three teams, each headed by one of the pros, Jim, Chris and Tyler. Jim's team with Susan Haynes and Michelle Egan won by one shot, followed by a tie of the other two teams.