This Association shall be named the Bretton Woods Women's Golf Association (BWWGA).


The object of the BWWGA shall be the promotion of good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members, interest in golf among women, and the protection of the interests of its members.


Membership. Annual dues shall be paid upon admittance to the Association. The membership shall run from November 1 to October 31 of the following year. New members are welcome and encouraged to join at any time.


Government. Paying due regard to the advice of the voting members, the committee of BWWGA shall make all decisions incidental to Article II above. In particular, the Committee is hereby authorized to exercise all the powers of the Association except the power to dissolve the Association. Subject to the By-Laws, the members of the BWWGA shall be entitled in their members' meeting to advise the committee on the policies to be followed by the Association and to amend the By-Laws.

Decisions of the members shall be made by the majority of the members present and voting. And, unless a different majority is specified, a simple majority shall be sufficient. In case of a tie, the Chairwoman of the meeting shall cast the deciding vote.


Committee. There will be nine women on the BWWGA Committee. Committee members shall serve a 3 year term. The terms of 3 members will terminate each year in order to ensure continuity of the committee. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms ( total of 6 years) before retiring from the Committee. Retiring committee members shall be eligible for service on the committee after an interval of one year.

During October of each year the sitting committee will call for interested persons to serve on the next year's committee. If there are more interested persons than vacancies, a general election will be held.

At the Annual General Meeting, the Chairwoman, who shall be a member of the committee, will be elected by a vote of those members present.

All nominations for Chairwoman and committee members must be received in writing, by the secretary, one week before the date of the Annual General Meeting. The new committee shall meet within 14 days of the Annual General Meeting to appoint the office bearers.


The committee will include Chairwoman, Vice-Chairwoman, Secretary and Treasurer and as many sub-chairwomen as are considered necessary by the Chairwoman. All must be members of the Association.


The Chairwoman shall have general management of the Association. She shall preside at all meetings and make reports on any matter, which may be of importance to the Association. The Chairwoman shall work in conjunction with the committee and be guided by its wishes.


The Vice-Chairwoman shall assist the Chairwoman in any area that the Chairwoman shall designate. In the case of the Chairwoman's inability to serve, the Vice-Chairwoman shall assume her duties.


The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings and have charge of all papers and correspondence.


The Treasurer shall establish a bank account in the name of Bretton Woods Women's Golf Association, keep an accurate account of all Association funds and be prepared to present at any meeting a written account of the financial status of the Association. She shall keep a correct roll call of the members concerning the payment of dues and fees.


The Tournament Coordinator shall organize events sponsored by the BWWGA. She will be responsible for scores, awarding of prizes, posting names of winners, etc. She will be responsible for obtaining prizes.


Each member of the committee may appoint assistants who are members of the Association to help her in any duties.


Revisions to the By-Laws should be submitted to the Chairwoman in writing, and will be approved by a majority vote of members attending the general meeting.


There will be at least one general meeting each year, to be held in November, at which reports will be presented, the results of elections announced, and amendments, if any, to the By-Laws confirmed. Should circumstances warrant it during the rest of the year, the Chairwoman would convene additional general meetings.


Members upon reaching the age of 80 will be inducted into the Club Age d’Or. They will thereby receive honorary and complimentary membership of the BWWGA in perpetuity.