2021 BWWGA Committee

If you would like to give us feedback, please do so through the Contacts page on this website or at [email protected] Our individual contact information is located in the Membership Directory.

Diane Carnvale


As a relatively new member of Bretton Woods, I fell in love with the course and its members! After retiring from a sports related career of teaching, coaching and administrative duties, I have become immersed in learning, playing and competing in golf ! As a new member of the committee, it is my privilege to help make the BWWGA a successful, first rate organization! (Term: 2017-2019) (2020-2022)

Cynthia Walden


My husband and I decided to take up golf after our retirements from the World Bank. We Joined Bretton Woods and enjoyed a number of years playing golf and traveling with the golf pros on numerous outings together. Actually, I don't think we missed a single outing! After his passing, I continued to play golf, which becme one of my best companions. I treasure the friendships with my fellow golfers, the challenge of the game and especially, the trips to Orlando, Williamsburg and Maine.

Cindy Miller


My husband Charlie and I joined Bretton Woods in 2015. I have been playing golf for 15 years and still feel I am a work in progress. I grew up around the D.C. area, graduated from the University of Maryland, and worked as a Kindergarten assistant for 15 years. I have 3 grown children. I love to travel, exercise, read, and play golf! (Term: 2017-2021)

Danielle Lucca

Communications and  Website 

I am delighted to be back on the BWWGA committee in 2020.

I am an ex-World Bank staff member and have been coming to Bretton Woods for many years. I picked up golf several years ago and enjoy everything it has to offer except for the sand traps ;->

Clarisa Ringlien


Originally from Argentina, I have lived in the Washington DC area my entire adult life. I joined BWRC in 2002 and was part of the BWWGA Committee on and off for many years. I enjoy golf and all it has to offer. The continuous challenges, the order, the ethics and rules, the manicured landscapes and most of all the friendships. Never before have I been so faithful to an activity!

I am a true believer and supporter of the visual arts, painting, photography, architecture. I love living in DC for the proximity to the extraordinary and varied museums available in the city. I am also involved with several charities for disadvantaged children.

Michele Egan

Photographer and Secretary

I joined BWWGA right after my early retirement from the World Bank in 2012. I’ve been trying ever since to get a handle on that most humbling of sports (How can it be so difficult to hit a stationary ball?!) ;) In my spare time, I’m a photographer and particularly enjoy capturing street scenes and doing candid portraiture of individuals I meet across D.C. I also volunteer with several local NGOs to help them with their visual needs.

Roberta Grupe

Hospitality Manager

I have been a member of Bretton Woods since 2013. I continue to work on this crazy game of golf and in the process have met a wonderful group of women.

When not golfing, I enjoy cooking, playing bridge and taking classes through OLLI ( Osher Life-Long Learning Institute) at the American University.


Flowers and Decorations: Carmen Oelsner

Interclub Coordinators: Roberta Grupe and Michele Egan