2019 BWWGA Committee

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Diane Carnvale


As a relatively new member of Bretton Woods, I fell in love with the course and its members! After retiring from a sports related career of teaching, coaching and administrative duties, I have become immersed in learning, playing and competing in golf ! As a new member of the committee, it is my privilege to help make the BWWGA a successful, first rate organization! (Term: 2017-2019)

Christine Ebrahimzadeh

Communication/ Handbook

My husband, Zia, and I took up golf while living in Uganda in the late 1990s. We were very fortunate in that the course was directly behind our house, allowing us to rush over after work to play nine holes before sundown. Since having taken early retirement from the International Monetary Fund last year, I have been able to spend more time at Bretton Woods and had the opportunity to join the MPG team and take part in BWWGA activities. I am originally from Austria, but have spent most of my life outside of the country -- in Canada, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Gabon, and Switzerland. My newest interest is hiking; my husband and I recently returned from a 300 km trip along the Camino de Santiago in northwestern Spain. (Term: 2016-2018)

Danielle Lucca

Communications - website and emails

I am delighted to be back on the BWWGA committee in 2020.

I am an ex-World Bank staff member and have been coming to Bretton Woods for many years. I picked up golf several years ago and enjoy everything it has to offer except for the sand traps.

Michele Egan

Bulletin Board Manager/Photographer and Secretary

I joined BWWGA right after my early retirement from the World Bank in 2012. I’ve been trying ever since to get a handle on that most humbling of sports (How can it be so difficult to hit a stationary ball?!) ;) In my spare time, I’m a photographer and particularly enjoy capturing street scenes and doing candid portraiture of individuals I meet across D.C. I also volunteer with several local NGOs to help them with their visual needs.

Youky Kwon

Birdie Recorder; Hospitality Manager

Since my retirement from the IMF in 2005 I became an enthusiastic golfer, but my game is definitely a work in progress. By joining the BWWGA and MPG, I have met so many nice ladies and I have learned a lot about the game of golf. My husband Hak and I have two grown children, love playing golf at BWRC, and enjoy taking various golf trips arranged by the BWRC pros. 

Cynthia Walden

Assistant Treasurer

My husband and I decided to take up golf after our retirements from the World Bank. We Joined Bretton Woods and enjoyed a number of years playing golf and traveling with the golf pros on numerous outings together. Actually, I don't think we missed a single outing! After his passing, I continued to play golf, which became one of my best companions. I treasure the friendships with my fellow golfers, the challenge of the game and especially, the trips to Orlando, Williamsburg and Maine.

Laura Chen


I took up golf in 2000 to make up a foursome for a corporate/client outing. Having never swung a golf club, I had four weeks to be able to produce two good drives for the scramble, which was all they needed from me. I did not embarrass myself in the outing and became totally addicted to golf. I was the 95th out of 100 to join BW as an associate member in 2008. Thanks to the friendly golfers and the wonderful pros, I have become quite a regular on the golf course and have participated in five Maine trips that Jim and Jason have so wonderfully organized. I am originally from the Midwest, where I was an avid tennis player and dabbled in softball, volleyball, basketball, and skiing, and originally came to the DC area as a graduate student. Currently, besides finding me on the golf course, you’ll also find me sailing and racing on the Chesapeake Bay on my friend’s sailboat, Fast Forward, or relaxing and enjoying the view on his get-away-for-the-weekend waterfront property in the Annapolis area. (Term: 2016-2018)

Cindy Miller

Tournament Director

My husband Charlie and I joined Bretton Woods in 2015. I have been playing golf for 15 years and still feel I am a work in progress. I grew up around the D.C. area, graduated from the University of Maryland, and worked as a Kindergarten assistant for 15 years. I have 3 grown children. I love to travel, exercise, read, and play golf! (Term: 2017-2019)

Sue Edwards

Birdie Recorder; Treasurer

I joined Bretton Woods in 1991 with my husband, Malcolm, as a weekend golfer. Since retiring from the International Monetary Fund in 2016 I have been able to play as much golf as I can and joined the MPG team last year. In addition to playing golf, I perform in a dance group, The Four Seasons, volunteer at the local humane society and perform in community theater. I consider Bretton Woods my second home and look forward to serving as Treasurer of the BWWGA.

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Flowers and Decorations: Carmen Oelsner

Interclub Coordinators: Roberta Grupe and Michele Egan