2016 Event Results

Play with the Pros - May 3

This informal tournament was lots of fun! It provided members with an opportunity to be on a team with one of our Pros and watch them in action.

Participants enjoyed a lunch afterwards where cash prizes were distributed. Similar events are planned for later in the season.

First Stableford - April 21

It was a rather chilly day for this time of year, but the 13 group members taking part in the first monthly Stableford soon warmed up to compete and score winning points!


1st – Karla Schillhorn 34 points, $23

2nd – Reiko Kanda 33 points, $19

3rd – Cindy Miller 32 points, $14

4th – Diane Carnvale 30 points, $9


CTP #6 – Diane Carnvale

CTP #14 – Rina Marcoux

Spring Opener - April 14

It was worth postponing the Spring Opener from last week because we could not have asked for a nicer day. A group of 24 members participated in this fun event which had ladies driving from a combination of white (!!), gold and red tees. Some of us felt a little rusty and tired this early in the season, and were happy when lunch was served after the tournament. Chris did another fine job of running the show. 


1st – Reiko Kanda 68 ($50)

2nd – Edie Bishop 71 ($40)

3rd – Diane Carnvale 74 ($30)

4th – Cindy Miller 79 ($25)

5th – Carmen Oelsner 83 ($20)

6th – Maria Rey 84 ($15)

7th – Christine Ebrahimzadeh 87 ($10)


Long Drive #3 (High hcp) – Marvine Kudis

Long Drive #15 (Low hcp) – Kate Mathison

CTP #2 (All players) – Maria Rey

CTP #6 (All players) – Marijke Asser

CTP #9 (Low hcp) – Cindy Miller

CTP #14 (High hcp) – Reiko Kanda

CTP #16 (All players) – Marijke Asser