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Note: Please see Event Descriptions page for more details or Calendar of 2018 Events. Events shown in BOLD are BWWGA events; please check with relevant associations for more information about other events. Information on Bretton Woods mixed (not women-specific events) is on the BW website.


This year the Honorary Cup will be incorporated into the Clark Cup as one of the qualifying quarters of the Clark Cup. The winner of the Honorary Cup will be guaranteed a spot as a quarter-finalist in the Clark Cup. The Honorary Cup is a season long match play event open to

BWWGA members only, in which individual competitors play in a knockout format using USGA handicaps. Matches are played on a monthly basis, and the date and time is determined by he players.


This first tournament of the season is an opportunity for current and new members to get together for a fun round of golf, followed by a complimentary lunch and a possible rules update by the ProShop staff. The This year (2021) we will play a Stableford format followed by a picnic patio lunch - weather permitting.


These Stableford* format tournaments are friendly competitions open to all players with an 18-hole handicap of 42 and below. Prizes will be awarded for each tournament to the 1st and 2nd place winners (3rd also if there are enough entrants). In addition, at the end of the season there will be a championship award based on the total of the players' best five scores. The entry fee of $10 covering prizes is charged to participant’s BWRC account.

*A system that awards points in relation to net par. A bogey is worth 1 point, par 2 points, a birdie 3 points, and an eagle 4 points, etc. The player with the highest point total is the winner.


A scramble is a fun event for teams of three or four players with varying skill levels put together by the Pro staff. In a scramble, each player tees off on each hole. The best of the tee shots is selected and all players play their second shots from that spot. The best of the second shots is determined, then all play their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed.


This is a two-person team event in which both golfers hit drives from the tee and then they switch balls (golfer A hits golfer B's ball and b hits A's). After the second shot, the team chooses the ball in the best position and pick up the other ball. The team continues play alternating shots until the ball is holed.


The first day of play is an 18-hole individual tournament with handicaps at 95% of handicap. The second day of the tournament is also played as an individual tournament at 95% of the handicap. The final score of the tournament will be an 18-hole score with the best score from the two days as the score for that hole. The tournament will have both a gross winner and net winner (maybe multiple net winners, depending on the number of participants). The entry fee is $10 for the two-day tournament.


The tournament is a two-person team playing six holes of better ball, six holes of scramble and six holes alternate shot. Each partner’s drive must be used twice in the scramble portion of the tournament. Handicap will be determined by the Pro Shop. Gross and net will be paid and, if a sufficient number of teams enter, the tournament will be flighted. Entry fee is $15 per team.


This tournament is a two person team event with 9 holes of scramble and 9 holes of modified alternate shot. Each players drive must be used three times in the scramble portion of the tournament. In the modified alternate shot portion of the tournament, each player tees off and then the best shot is selected and players alternate play until the ball is holed. Gross and net winners will be paid. Entry fee is $15 per team.


This event is an opportunity for members to invite friends for a tournament and festive lunch. The winners will receive the Annette Loe-Sack-Sioe Trophy which was created in 2013.


This is a two-day event with two teams--an International team and USA team. The teams will be selected from those entered by the captains using handicaps when forming the teams. Pairing will be predetermined and opponents assigned. The winning team will be determined through a point total, with one point earned of each match won and 1/2 point earned for each tie. The format is:

        Day 1: Six holes alternate shot, six holes scramble, six holes best ball.

        Day 2: Four-ball match play (95 % handicap of each player).


This is a two-person team event in which each player hits a drive and team selects the best dive to play. From that point forward the players alternate their shots until the ball is holed. The entry fee is $15 per team.


The emphasis of this informal 18-hole tournament is on the social and Halloween and costumes are encouraged. Less experienced players are paired with more skilled players so that all have a fun learning experience. The format is captain’s choice scramble.

The entry deadline is two days before the competition. The entry fee will be posted closer to the event and will include lunch and prizes. These will be awarded following the competition.


The Annual General Meeting is held at the end of the golf season following a complementary brunch for members. Annual awards are presented, the BWWGA Committee delivers the annual report, and new committee members are announced for the coming season.